Antivirus weekend: Peterhof, lots of music and entertainment for the little ones

outside the window already this summer, and restrictive measures are gradually removed. However, the “Rosbalt” advises you to keep yourself and your family is to stay home, because health is most important. You did not miss, we have again prepared for you an interesting collection.

Online Peterhof

in the Summer everybody likes to go to St. Petersburg, and one of the points — to admire the fountains in Peterhof.

the Staff offers to make you a virtual walk through the Peterhof.

In the dialogue, the audience talk about the “capital of fountains”, the home of the Imperial residence — Alexandria “Art house” — one of the youngest museums in Oranienbaum. Also available online-the cinema of the “Peterhof”.

Watching live broadcasts in Instagram and Vkontakte, and the online cinema to find on the website.

the Series “a Sham”

14 Jun 2015, almost 5 years ago, in the small town of Missouri murder woman, based on which they filmed. The picture of the eight series attracted positive reviews and high ratings by film critics. The plot is based on real events.

Dee Dee and her sick daughter Gypsy rose moved into a new house built for them, the charitable organization after the loss of the devastation of hurricane Katrina. The family immediately aroused the sympathy of others, because the girl doesn’t встае1т of a wheelchair, and she has a whole bunch of incurable diseases. And how can you not sympathize with the mother, the life laid on the care of the daughter? But everything changes when she realizes that she’s perfectly healthy.

Until the very last episode of the series keeps the audience in suspense, forcing to empathize with the characters, worry about their fate.

news in music world

the Russian artists, it seems, in isolation, do not miss concerts. Just two weeks left a lot of albums and releases tracks. We all listened and gotovy to share with you:

the Album SQWOZ BAB — “BODY LANGUAGE” (15 tracks)

“I purposely tried to make the album very exciting, and most importantly, not evil” — said by Marat Gazmanov.

Out and the new album YANIX called “SS 20”. It includes 12 tracks.

Kids RAVE released the long awaited album “Fan”, consisting of 18 tracks.

“I Want to dedicate this album to all fans. Not necessarily mine. If you are someone’s fan, and for once was at a concert — this album is for you. Emotion is a fundamental part of our lives. To vent anger, to laugh and cry equally efficiently good for the soul,” said performer.

Boulevard Depo also pleased fans with a new album “Old Blood”, including 12 tracks.

Also released the long-awaited fit Morgenshtern and Allj “Cadillac” and the track “Starving” recorded in tandem with Timati, Dzhigan and Dani Milkina that even before the release has become a popular meme on the Internet.

In General, in June, you will definitely have something to listen to!

Children’s entertainment and educational website “Cat and mouse”

And the little “Rosbalt” offers useful and interesting to spend time on the site “Cat and mouse”. On the website you can find lullabies, tales, ditties, poems, coloring pages and games for kids. Free resource offers a number of educational studies of children of different ages.

Online festival Download

June 12-14 9:00

the Present’s Download festival will take place only next year, and this year it will be replaced with an online version. The virtual festival will take place on 12-14 June at 9.00 am on the official YouTube channel. Fans of the rock will be able to see performances by the legendary band Kiss, exclusive footage of Iron Maiden and parts of the show System Of A Down 2005, 2011 and 2017.

Also as part of the Download festival will be presented concert video of Korn, The Deftones, The Offspring and other groups.

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