Apteka Ozerki received a warning for the imposition of the buyers of the masks antiseptic

the St. Petersburg office of the FAS Russia received a complaint from a resident of the city to the pharmacy “lakes”. As reported in Department, the woman told me that she sold an antiseptic in burden to protective masks.

the Woman noted that she imposed on the purchase of a set consisting of five medical masks and antibacterial spray. The cost of such purchases amounted to 576 rubles. The so-called set on the receipt as two separate mask and a separate antiseptic. The woman made a scan of the cash instrument to the statement.

“Taking advantage of the absence of masks, the leadership network pharmacies “ponds” prey on the citizens of their country, selling them only in the load with anti-bacterial spray,” she said.

the Monopolists are seen in actions of the pharmacy “ponds” that belongs to “Erkafarm North-West”, the signs of unfair competition.

the Company was issued a warning.

“Such conduct of the pharmacy network in the context of a pandemic it is unacceptable. We will continue to monitor pharmacies, and in case of detection of such violations we will take measures of Antimonopoly response,” – said the FAS.

the Ministry also added that the specialists conduct daily monitoring of prices on medeski in urban pharmacy chains. Today, masks are available in almost all urban pharmacies. The price ranges from 30 to 50 rubles.

On may 26 is scheduled the next meeting of the Commission of the Antimonopoly authority in case concerning the wholesale suppliers of medical masks.

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