Bashkir nurses at night were locked in the morgue due to contact with COVID-patient

Nurses from Bashkiria who had contact with the COVID-patient, spent the whole night in the morgue. As told by the women themselves, they were locked and that they did not run away, even put guards, writes portal ProUfu.

According to media reports, the incident occurred in the Arkhangelsk Central regional hospital. Nurses provisorische temporary offices were forced to spend the night in the morgue after contact with 65-year-old patient, who on 14 may confirmed the coronavirus.

According to “captives”, they first thought that they were taking them into an organized dormitory for health-care workers or in provisory hospital or in a ward for the sick, but they suggested the morgue.

“the Window in the room boarded up with iron bars, there is no hot water, shower, no soap, no heating. <...> We have until 5 am to pray,” admitted one of the nurses. According to her, was unable to sleep, as the mattresses and pillows were lumpy, the blanket fell, also oppressed persistent smell of corpses.

in the Morning the woman called the charge nurse asking what to do next. One of the nurses was released on the condition that she shumoizolyatsiya in a private house, since she lives alone, and the second had to go to the makeshift hospital and work there for a change tonight and let her go home, but warned that if the hospital appears a patient with pneumonia or SARS, it will be called.

the Results of tests for COVID women passed, the results of writing it has not yet been shown, but verbally said they were negative.

In connection with the incident, nurses have already written to the Prosecutor.

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