Became known, the owners of which blood group is the most susceptible to alcoholism

for Slightly less than 50% of the people who are painfully addicted to alcohol, are the carriers of the second group of blood. It is found by researchers from Japan and the USA, analyzed patient data. Why alcoholics are mainly owners of A (II) — until just a hypothesis.

According to experts in the field of genetics, people can develop in heavy drinkers because of the peculiarities in the adrenal glands, leading to a lack of glucose. To fill that deficit of people from the second group of blood and begins the intake of alcohol. Alcoholism develops on the background of the fact that the carriers of this group of doctors just advised to regularly drink small amounts of red wine. It is believed that it improves the functioning of gastrointestinal tract and dissolves cholesterol plaques.

in addition, reports Ukrainian “Tape”, it is not necessary to dismiss the factor of stress, which is easier to remove such “means” as a drink based on alcohol.

the study says that the owners of the third blood group B (III) it is better not to drink, since alcohol provotsiruet they have diseases of the heart and the liver.

the First group O (I) allows its media a great deal with stress due to the high stability of the psyche, that is, the “drink” problem or “bust” with alcohol, they will tend not. However, the question to drink or not to drink, so people are advised to answer no, because drinking can negatively affect the condition of their gastrointestinal tract.

the Winners of the fourth blood group — AB (IV) can be the envy of their body lechshe just to cope with the effects of alcohol.

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