CEC returned to training for the all-Russian vote on the Constitution

The Central election Commission of the Russian Federation published a decree that allowed the use of previously frozen funds allocated for preparations for a Nationwide vote on amendments to the Constitution. In the document it is specified that to ensure a “preparatory activities” relating to the preparation and conduct of nationwide voting, the CEC wishes to recognize the number of items from a previously published decision of suspension training. It clarifies the “Interfax”, it is that March 28 election commissions were instructed to suspend the adoption of the budget commitments for the supply of goods, performance of works, rendering of services and payment of additional remuneration to members of election commissions, allocated from the Federal budget for preparation and conduct of nationwide voting. The transfer of funds commissions were suspended. In addition, the foreign Ministry and the defense Ministry was ordered to suspend funding of precinct electoral commissions formed abroad. As told the Agency the Secretary of the CEC, Maya Grishina, a part of the preparations for a nationwide vote on amendments to the Constitution have been completed. As soon as the situation with coronavirus and the President will appoint the date of the meeting, the CEC will need 20-30 days to complete its organization, said the Agency interlocutor. Grishina said that the CEC will vote for the date that will be in the presidential decree. However, she said, “now the issue of” whether remote electronic voting be used in the regions except Moscow. We will remind that earlier the state Duma has allowed to carry out remote e-voting in elections at all levels. It was planned that in the nationwide vote, it will be held only in Moscow. We also recall that the vote was scheduled for April 22. However, on 25 March, President Vladimir Putin has postponed it indefinitely because of the pandemic coronavirus.

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