Summertime is a time for outdoor fun and relaxation, but one pesky intruder can quickly ruin the mood – the tiger mosquito. This particular species of mosquito has been spotted in certain neighborhoods in Poitiers, prompting the local municipality to launch an extensive awareness campaign in collaboration with the Regional Health Agency.

Unlike the common mosquito, the tiger mosquito is more than just a nuisance. It is capable of transmitting diseases and can be found in our region. To combat the presence of this insect, the municipality of Poitiers has initiated a campaign to educate residents on how to limit the impacts of the mosquito. Sylviane, a resident of the Montmidi neighborhood in western Poitiers, shared her experience of being constantly bothered by these mosquitoes last year, preventing her from enjoying her own terrace during the day.

Taking precautions is essential in protecting yourself from these mosquitoes. Measures such as safeguarding water sources in your garden, where the insect thrives, are crucial. However, these actions may not always be sufficient, as tiger mosquitoes are silent, day-flying insects that can travel up to 150 meters.

The primary goal is to eliminate as many larval habitats as possible to reduce the tiger mosquito population. Kamille Champeil, a Health and Environment Technician at the Poitiers City Hall, emphasizes the importance of minimizing these breeding grounds to reduce the mosquito population. The tiger mosquito poses a significant health risk as it can transmit serious diseases such as chikungunya, zika, and dengue.

To further educate residents, the municipality, in collaboration with the Regional Health Agency, conducts door-to-door visits to raise awareness. Residents are provided with practical advice, such as placing sand at the bottom of gutter drains to prevent stagnant water or regularly emptying plant saucers. Additional information can be found on the Regional Health Agency’s website.

If despite these efforts, tiger mosquitoes persist in invading your summer evenings, a simple solution might be to use a fan. The airflow created by a fan can deter mosquitoes from coming near, offering some relief.

The presence of tiger mosquitoes in Poitiers is a concern that requires proactive measures from both authorities and residents. By following the advice provided and taking necessary precautions, individuals can help reduce the impact of these disease-carrying insects and enjoy a mosquito-free outdoor environment. Stay informed, stay vigilant, and keep those tiger mosquitoes at bay for a pleasant summer experience.