Environmentalists: Biodegradable packaging, which pass in Russia, only harms the nature

Some of Russia’s largest delivery services, retailers and other companies began to produce products to choose, which actually does not decompose in the earth and cannot be recycled. It is reported by the Russian branch of the environmental organization “Greenpeace”.

“Companies are trying to switch to more environmentally benign materials. But often solutions business incorrect — they move to biodegradable packaging, which in reality rarely decomposes. In the end, the business spends more money to purchase “packaging”, and buyers are cheated,” say the environmental activists.

For example, in one of the food companies began to bring in a container of PLA plastic, but it can be composted only in industrial conditions. That is, to packing decomposed into safe substances, it needs to ensure the access of oxygen, a certain temperature and humidity. Just leave her in the forest impossible.

“In Russia there is no system of widespread collection and industrial composting of organic waste, and the conditions that are naturally created at landfills, is not suitable for biodegradation. Therefore, to use in Russia, any types of biopolymers are often pointless,” — say the activists, “Greenpeace” and advise companies to switch to reusable packaging.

a Similar situation exists with biodegradable bags, which offer buyers the Russian grocery shopping network. On them — the Austrian INDUSTRIAL marking OK compost and Seedling international labeling — and that means that packages can be composted only in industrial composter. If you cater to a landfill, it is decomposed, and the tape processing will only spoil a batch of recyclables.

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