Environmentalists: Spilled after the accident at the CHP plant in Norilsk diesel fuel could reach the lake Pyasino

Experts of the world wildlife Fund (WWF) do not exclude that spilled after the accident at the CHP plant in Norilsk diesel fuel by June 1, could reach a glacial lake Pyasino. As reported in the press service of the Fund, potekshego from the reservoir to the river Barn about 12 kilometers, and by the morning of may 31, the fuel has already spilled into the river. There Pasino about 20 kilometers. “Ttak we expect that today, June 1, pollution has reached the lake,” said the program Manager for environmental responsibility WWF of Russia Alexey Knizhnikov. In the organization said that the water in the river recorded by satellite imagery on 31 may. Our experts say that diesel fuel is more toxic than oil, and given the extent of the spill to clean it is necessary to involve Federal forces. According to Knizhnikov, now the situation has taken such a scale, in which without a powerful grouping of forces and means of the Federal level cannot be expected to perform efficiently. According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, spilling over 5 thousand tons — that’s a Federal level, reminded the Scribes. Let us add that on may 29, depressurization of the fuel tank and oil fires at CHP-3 of JSC “Norilsk-Taimyr energy company” (NTEC, part of the “Norilsk Nickel”), which provides the power supply of the Norilsk industrial region Norilsk. In the circumstances of the incident understands the Investigative Committee. According to investigators, presumably just spilled about 20 thousand tons of oil products on an area of about 350 sq. m. Today it became known that the Krasnoyarsk authorities have imposed a state of emergency intermunicipal level after the incident.

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