Musician Andrei Makarevich does not intend to vote for the amendments to the Constitution. He said this in an interview to “Echo of Moscow”.

In his words, “historically, the Constitution itself is extremely small to affect the lives of our people and our country,” it’s such a decoration “for order”.

But most importantly, noted musician, he is absolutely not like the story of the zero. “I understand that everything else is the backdrop for this case,” said Makarevich.

“I’m well enough to imagine the real unfortunately thing. But, nevertheless, I understand that will registry, will try that on the ground it all aligned, to bring to those interest that are required. But I know one thing very sure. That’s less than the gap from what you need, the easier it is to attribute. Roughly speaking, if 10 people didn’t come 2 — two credited. If it’s not 4 — with great difficulty, but will attribute. If you haven’t received 9 out of 10 — the hell they do not ascribe, nothing will succeed”, — he said, stressing that no one is campaigning, but only shares his reasoning.

“Everything has been decided for us long ago. Just do not want to be a puppet in this story”, he said.

we will Remind, on the eve of President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on holding a vote about amending the Constitution, including the amendment to abolish presidential term on 1 July.

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