Historian Andrey Dmitriev explain why Eastern Europe was doomed to become a socialist

Historian Andrei Dmitriyev on Tuesday, July 13, under the “shumoizolyatsionnogo Kvartyrnyk” will hold an online lecture on “conspiracy of the doomed: how Eastern Europe became a socialist”.

80 years ago — in the summer of 1950 in the Soviet car came the film “conspiracy of the doomed” Kalatozov, Mikhail, Liudmila Scopino, Pavel Kadochnikov and Alexander Vertinsky. In the tape shown, the political struggle in the liberation from fascism by the red army of an unnamed European country with the participation of agents of the United States, the Vatican and even Yugoslavia. Attempt prepared their coup breaks way out of the masses at the local “Maidan” with resorts in honor of comrade Stalin.

How was the process of creating the socialist States of Eastern Europe in the second half of 1940-ies and whether its mechanism is revealed on the screen? Why in the ribbon, the people in the square chanting “the Marshall Plan — our death” and was this really the case? Which two countries foreign Minister Vyacheslav Molotov called “the most difficult for us” and why? To these and other questions will be answered in his lecture historian Andrei Dmitriev.

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