Historian Daniil Kotsyubinsky told what kind of role Catherine played in the 1917 revolution

“Rosbalt” continues to acquaint readers with the series of lectures Daniil Kotsyubinsky “In search of the real king,” about the history of Russia from Rurik to Putin.

On the fourteenth lecture, the historian said, why in the era of Catherine the great formed the three groups of fatal contradictions, which “blew up” the country in 1917.

“There are three points of no return in our history, and one of them is the era of Catherine II. At the end of her reign the country was formed three groups of insoluble contradictions, which subsequently led Russia to revolution. First and foremost, it is the ideological and political contradictions, that is, the differences between the educated class and the autocracy. Educated class (including the autocrats!) in the era of enlightened absolutism became increasingly imbued with constitutional ideas as the autocratic basis of Russian civilization was with the Constitution and the political freedom is systematically incompatible. The second socio-class contradictions: ceased under Peter III to be required to serve the Emperor, but to preserve and even multiply their privileges, the nobility began to be perceived serfs and common people in General as absolute parasites, besides culturally alien, and cause ever-increasing hatred that manifested itself during the Pugachev uprising. Finally — Imperial-territorial, that is, between the Empire and the margins, which when Catherine became much more, especially where in the future there will be the most revolutionary centrifugal tendencies”, — said Kovel.

the reign of Catherine II of course was extremely successful for Russia as a nation — and this manifested itself again the paradox of all the Petersburg period of Russian history. For example, according to the historian, it was one of the most “acquisitive” reigns in the entire history of Russia.

“it’s not tolKo in the amount of purchased land, but also in the number of people integrated into the state. While Catherine ruled the country, the population of the Russian Empire grew 1.5 times, mainly due to the peoples of the conquered territories. But it was mainly of land, the population of which it was impossible to “Russify”. They are the Eastern part of Poland, the Caucasus, the development of which began at Catherine, in the future, in the XIX—XX centuries, will “blow up” the Empire from within,” concluded Kotsyubinsky.

Complete video lecture you can watch at the link.

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