In Russia significantly decreased the price of producers of gasoline

producer Prices of gasoline in Russia on average decreased in April 2020 22.4% compared to the previous month when they climbed 0.9%, follows from data of the Federal service of state statistics.

yoy producer prices of gasoline declined in the reporting period by 7.3%.

For the first 4 months since the beginning of this year, gasoline from manufacturers in the whole country fell by 16.9% (to December 2019).

At the same time, Rosstat says that cheaper fuel is recorded in almost all regions of Russia engaged in the production of gasoline from 7.8% in the Republic of Tatarstan to 32.7% in the Komi Republic. In the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) gasoline became more expensive on 2,2%.

the Department also notes that consumer prices on gasoline in Russia on average fell in April by 0.2% from the previous month and in annual terms — rose by 1.7%. Since the beginning of year gasoline in retail rose by 0.2% (to December 2019).

As pointed out by Rosstat, in April, the decline in consumer prices on gasoline was observed in 55 regions (except the Autonomous regions included in the regions). Of these, most prices have declined in the Republic of Tyva — by 3.9%, and the Altai region by 1.8%. The increase in prices on gasoline was observed in the Sverdlovsk region — by 0.1%.

In Moscow and St. Petersburg over the past period, the price of gasoline has not changed.

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