In St. Petersburg cancelled the certificates of graduates of schools

graduates of the Petersburg schools announced the postponement of the ceremony of issuance of certificates. Children who already received their certificates and asked to bring them back, the documents were invalid. Read more about the situation told the mother of 11-klassnitsa Lyceum № 623 them. I. P. Pavlov in the Central district.

“Daughter had to be issued a certificate on June 11, but before the noon wrote that it’s canceled. Homeroom teacher said that such a decision after a long meeting was attended by head teachers and the Director. We cancelled the photographer, the florist, even dress iron not steel. However, at 22:30 the same day, we wrote that the presentation did take place. Of course, we frantically began to pack” she said to the correspondent of “Rosbalt”.

According to her, in the end, everything went normally — “in masks and gloves for each child was allocated three minutes.” Certificates graduates of the Lyceum № 623 marked date of issue 11 June. As said the interlocutor of “Rosbalt”, the confusion was that some schools in the city printed documents too early, while on 11 June, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin approved the rules of issuing certificates. The result forms with the scores printed before Federal decisions were invalid.

“In our school, just managed to reprint the certificates, the worse the situation in one of the schools of Nevsky district, the presentation took place on 4 numbers. And friends of the graduates in the Central district, already assembled and dressed to the ceremony, the school will not be allowed, saying that it was cancelled. Can you imagine what guys — it’s one of the main events in their lives!” says the mother of 11-klassnitsa.

the Woman added that messengers the parents share not only scans resolution mishustina, but the order of the Minister of education Sergey Kravtsov, in which it is noted that the decision comes into force only on 15 June.

“Now, parents wonder, does the resulting certificate is something you will take with him to University or will say that he is 11 years fool lain?” — asks the woman.

the media also previously reported that many new graduates have already received diplomas, was asked to return them saying that they cancelled. Some promised to replace the certificates.

we will Remind, on June 11 the head of the government Mikhail Mishustin signed the decision about what graduates of 9 and 11 classes will receive school certificates without exams.

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