In St. Petersburg state University has recognized the problem of sexism in the attitude of students

At the St. Petersburg state University held a meeting on ethical issues. Members of the working group spoke about discrimination from employees, and came to the conclusion that it is worth to specify some of the provisions in the code of the University.

From published material that some teachers complained about the students because of sexism. In the result, the ethics Committee initiated proceedings, but the teachers are not waiting for the verdict and resigned.

“the Dean of one of faculties asked to be relieved from his post after the Commission’s consideration of complaints concerning abuse of subordinates. The head of one of the departments was also dismissed after an appeal to the ethics Commission, a group of students that reported committed against them insults”, — told at University.

the meeting also recalled the incident with the janitor, who unflattering comments about colleagues and, moreover, harassed them.

“we were Talking about how important it is that in the event of such problems the victims have not been afraid in a timely manner to report them. It is the lack of information is often not possible to take action against violators of ethical standards. So, there are cases when information about violations of the victims were published only after the teacher/employee quit (or was fired) from the University, and the student has graduated, or was expelled from the University. In such a situation excludes the possibility of using any measures,” said the St. Petersburg state University.

working group Members stated that it was necessary to write to the inadmissibility of certain actions of staff, to prepare recommendations on the application of the provisions of the code of the University. While the University is not separately reported on relevant changes in the documents.

Previously, graduates of the St. Petersburg state University published an open letter against sexism and harassment in higher education. This they expressed solidarity with the students of the philological faculty of Moscow state University, where he also said about inappropriate behavior of teachers. The petition for six days has collected more than 400 signatures.

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