In St. Petersburg the meeting in the case of

the international children’s day held a regular meeting on the case “Network” (declared a terrorist organization and banned in Russia). Protection of the accused Victor Filinkova and Julia Bojarshinova read the transcript of the talk of torture, the correspondent of “Rosbalt” on the basis of the broadcast from the building of the 1st Western military district court.

Of the catechumens the documents that the accused was also beaten in the car after detention in jail. The judge repeatedly interrupted the lawyer Vitaly Cherkasov, as mentioned supposedly has to do with the case and has already been announced earlier, which “will assess”. The intervention of the presiding officer continued.

“I knew what the conditions here, but the apartment is completely innocent. <...> Vitaly Viktorovich, well, let’s somehow closer to the subject. You going to tell me about the swastika on the wall?” — defender interrupted the judge.

At the meeting granted a number of motions. So, at the request of a lawyer in the future, the process will cause the St. Petersburg law enforcement officers who participated in the criminal case at the pretrial stage. The next hearing will be held June 2.

Recall that in may resumed a consideration of “Penza things” after a break of pandemic coronavirus. The court decides the question of guilt of Victor Filinkova and Julia Bojarshinova who, according to investigators, are members of a terrorist community and were preparing a rebellion during presidential elections and the world Cup in 2018. Seven other defendants in the “Network” in February were sentenced to terms ranging from 6 to 18 years of imprisonment. Human rights activists, members, the professional community has repeatedly come out in support of defendants alleging torture and fraud.

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