In the Network require proof of guilt of the six Dagestanis killed during the RAID

netizens need to prove that those killed during the Dagestani RAID were militants. Users have questioned the official version according to which six of the dead were members of the terrorist organization ISIS (banned in Russia) and the alleged planned attacks, writes the “Caucasian knot”.

we will Remind, on may 22, in the forest between the villages of Goksu and Mutsalaul of the Khasavyurt district during a firefight with security forces killed six people, security officials announced the fighters. It was reported that the victims — natives of the village Endirey in age from 19 to 23 years. During the operation, was involved in military equipment and the helicopter — at least this is evidenced by photos and video posted on the website of the National antiterrorist Committee. The interior Ministry said that those killed belonged to the so-called “angirasas” to the group and recently returned to his native village from Moscow, where he went to work.

However, Internet users believe that the security forces should present evidence of the involvement of the slain militants. “They could kill innocent people, God forbid and children, they are just ahead,” wrote one Instagram users. Other commentators are wondering why the security forces are unable to take the suspected militants alive, and wonder a large amount of military equipment. Many openly declare that they do not trust the law enforcers and bring the story of 17-year-old and 19-year-old Nabi and Sasangasana Gasanguseinov who were killed on 23 August 2016 during the operation the security forces in Shamil district of Dagestan. Both were shepherds and had no relation to any organizations, said the villagers and the father of the boys. He later obtained a criminal case on the murder of sons and demands to bring to justice the security forces.

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