In Volgograd during the repair work was painted by the famous mosaic

In the Volgograd workers in the underpass painted mosaic mural of National artist of Russia Peter Chaplygin. As reported the correspondent of “Rosbalt” the Chairman of the Volgograd branch of all-Russian society of protection of monuments of history and culture, member of the Central Council of Voopiik Valery Kotelnikov, it happened during the repair work.

According to gradozaschitnitsa, mosaic “Dove of Peace” was located on the wall of the underpass at the intersection of the Komsomol of the World. Vandals had previously used up the mosaic of his graffiti, and in the course of repairs, the painters painted over it completely with gray paint.

Valery Kotelnikov said that now the public figures out what produced work and on whose order. It is obvious that the order came from the municipal authorities. “Orders were given clearly incompetent people. They stood before a choice: either to wash the tiles or paint. Went the way of painting. For professionals it is clear that this was impossible to do, but for the performers it was easier,” stated graduading.

Kotelnikov said that the community of Volgograd issued a statement condemning the vandalism. “The artist in his old age, he may not even informed about the incident. But his daughter made a statement, she’s outraged. However, our government did not comment. They generally never comment on,” said graduading.

Kotelnikov noted that mosaic is still possible to recover. “The paint is removed with special solvents. But this is additional cost and time. Want to do city government?”, asked social activist.

Valery Kotelnikov said that under the potential threat of destruction there are other mosaics of Volgograd, as it is not taken under state protection.

Recall that in Rostov-on-don in 2017 mosaics in subways in the city center was declared cultural heritage. It happened after their community had a campaign with a demand to take the mosaic for protection.

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