Renowned trainer of cats Yury Kuklachev protested the producer Joseph Prigogine that the artists because of the coronavirus was in “terrible” financial position. As the “Interlocutor”, he was surprised that this subject is raised, the representatives of the stage.

“Let those stars that complain about the lack of earnings, will cut off your fat — said Kuklachev. — They used to seize millions. Let a little bit stop! Many people now generally have nothing to eat”.

As Prigogine attributed to the number of crisis and circus performers, Kuklachev denied, if he has nothing to live for. He also expressed surprise at the amount of benefits allocated to families with children state.

“the Government promised 10 thousand rubles for each child. But it does amount? Today I went to the store and did not notice that on 12 thousand typed products. I have my eyes on a forehead have got! To 10 thousand rubles — this means once a month to treat a child a strawberry, because you have to buy something else!”, he said.

Addressing the audience, the actor is advised not to pay attention to the complaints of artists. “Better finish it at all! And then take a lot of money for their performances, and themselves people’s brains powder,” said he.

Recall the statements of Prigogine on “Tudulinna position” artists in one of the first in the verse was responded to by the leader of the group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov. In his address to Prigogine, he wondered whether the skinny on cereals from the top. Cords later published another poem, by correspondence with Prigogine, which negatively reacted to the work of the artist. The musician said that despite the “solid form,” Joseph Prigozhin “just greedy” and all of his statements in defense of culture — “lime.”

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