Media: Petrosyan does not live in the same apartment with his young wife

Reporters found out the details of the life of the famous humorist Evgeny Petrosyan with his young wife Tatiana Brownboy.

As it turned out, the spouses do not live together. According to “KP”, 74-year-old Petrosyan, 31-year-old Brukhanova live in different apartments but in the same house, in the elite residential complex “Garden quarters”.

About the journalists found out, after talking with the worker of a brigade of disinfection, which carried out antiseptic treatment. According to him, the security guard of the residential complex explained that on the floor two apartments — one lives Petrosyan, and the one opposite, on the same site — Brukhanova.

Employee of the brigade noted that when experts saw the living space, “it immediately became clear that they live apart.” The man said that Petrosian in the apartment perfect order, all well thought out, without unnecessary details. “He’s at home, in home clothes, not so pompous as on the TV screen or photo in social networks”, — told the officer of the brigade on the visit to the apartment Petrosian.

the Apartment where he lives the new wife of the humorist, “feminine”, it’s not a one man stuff. “A lot of something gaudy, pretentious. Vases, stuff, show-off, show off. It seemed to me, somewhat awkwardly,” — said the employee of the brigade.

Previously, Petrosyan first posted on the social network humorous photo with his young wife.

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