Media: recovery of written-off dock in the Murmansk region resembles a Scam

In the Murmansk region can be recovered and sold back to the state of a floating dock of the Ministry of defense SPD-76, designed to repair submarines and small missile and anti-submarine ships and decommissioned in 2012 for scrap, according to APN. According to the edition, the proposed scheme resembles the “Scam of the century under the nose of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation”. Doc was charged “in connection with the loss of tactical and technical characteristics, the inexpediency of his recovery and the impossibility of further use for its intended purpose”. “It was expected that the building will be cut into scrap, then the market will take ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and about SPD-76 more no one will ever hear.” notes APN.

“But after 6.5 years – in April, 2019 – the story will be continued, – reported in the publication, the Doc has finally been sold. In fact it is 4.6 thousand tons of uncut mixed ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The price for the scrap – 5.3 million rubles. Buyer – the company “TRANS-scrap”. And the only purpose of the sale-purchase, described in the act, is recycling. This means one thing: the Doc is in the ferrous and non-ferrous metals and in no way can be used for other purposes, as illegal.”

“But after some time the owner of the Doc has become the Murmansk company “Prodmontazh Pro”, he also placed the dock to the floating dock № 10 JSC “10 SRZ” in ZATO Aleksandrovsk. Shiprepair yard headed by Evgeny Zudin,” writes the APN.

“it is Noteworthy that the new owner of the dock there is no license for execution of works on preparation, storage, processing and realization of scrap of ferrous and nonferrous metals. “Prodmontazh Pro” is a company with a share capital of 10 thousand rubles and 1 full-time employee (it – Director and owner)”, – stated in the publication. According to the APS, the ability to restore the dock began to break the owner’s husband “Prodmontazh Pro” Olga Kondakova, Sergey Kondakov, whose “longstanding friendship” with Eugene Sudonym.

“For Parking on the piers, “Prodmontazh-Profi” shipbuilding plant is not directly paying. The payment is set-off through one affiliated firm – SSK, OOO. With this firm family Sudimyh linked directly. The founder and CEO of SSK is still the same Kondakova Olga Olegovna,” writes the APN. The publication suggests that in the future, dock can be restored.

“Recall the price of this object as a scrap amounted to 5 million rubles. The next step, obviously, is the purchase of the dock already as products for 50 million or even 100 million. And buy his “10 SRZ” in the face of Evgeny Zudin, of course, public money and allegedly important national goal. The seller – Kondakov, a friend and colleague Zudina. And then the government will spend 1 billion-plus for the repair of the colossus”, – says the publication.

AFN notes that the prosecution did not react to what is happening. “The patronage has Zudin Advisor to the President of JSC “OSK” Alymova Marina Dmitrievna. “10 SRZ” just is part of the United shipbuilding Corporation. But does the President dear USC Alexey Rakhmanov about what’s going on in his Corporation?”, – the edition asks a question.

meanwhile, the recovery dock “can lead to tragic consequences – that human life, and possible man-made disaster, and material damage.”

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