Media: Voting on amendments to the Constitution will spend in tents on the street

To vote on amendments to the Constitution in terms of coronavirus it is planned to organize several types of polling stations, including on the street. This writes the Taiga.Info with reference to sources in the election Commission.

According to the newspaper, within the premises will be located only with complexes of processing of ballots (COHIBA). The entrances and exits of buildings should be in different places.

Areas without Cohiba may be organised directly in the street type of awnings. “Walls” will not only vertical poles and stretch the roof, said one of the sources.

on-site voting at home, according to sources in the CEC, planned to take place in “camp” format. There are two possibilities: in the yard put a tent or on a platform at the entrance put a table and issue the voter a ballot in a sealed package. With him people will vote in his apartment, then return and return the form to the table.

“Most importantly, booths will be everywhere without a shower curtain. They are banned,” said one of the sources.

we will Remind, the day before”Interfax” with reference to its sources reported that authorities are considering two dates: 1 and 8 July as a day of voting on amendments to the Constitution. Earlier it was considered on 24 June, but since the date of the scheduled Victory parade, and even a vote — is unlikely. Sources in several regional election commissions also noted that there were two most probable dates, and it is 1 and 8 July. Preparing to vote in the regions has already begun. A source close to the Central election Commission says the vote will be held no later than the beginning of July. Final decision will be made this week.

the resident of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin said that the Victory parade postponed because of the pandemic coronavirus, will be held June 24. Earlier it was reported that the vote on amendments to the Constitution and the Victory parade can pof offers free wifi in all 2020 all in one day, June 24. As an alternative to voting on the Constitution are considered days in early July, for the Victory day parade — September 3. The sources added that the final decision on the date of the depends on the epidemiological situation.

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