Mishustin has made the media the list of victims of coronavirus industries

media (media) added to the list of industries affected by the new coronavirus COVID-19. The decree was signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, the press service of the Russian government.

take Advantage of government support measures will publishers of books, Newspapers, magazines, periodicals, television and radio stations, zines, news agencies. According to mishustina, in the current situation the role of the media is especially important.

Russian media continue to work within the constraints on the coronavirus, and many seemed to be in a difficult situation. Reduced revenue from the sale of books and press, from declining subscriptions, declining revenues from advertising. Particularly affected are small companies and organisations in the regions. The government has received numerous requests from citizens, associations and public authorities with a request to further support the industry.

Among the support measures, which can use media: a six-month delay in the payment of all taxes (except VAT) and rental when using the real estate which is in state, municipal or private ownership. Also, the media can get interest-free loans for emergency needs and pay salaries, preferential loans at a rate of 2% for any purpose. Introduced a moratorium on the bankruptcy, carrying out scheduled and unscheduled inspections.

Additionally, the delay in the payment of insurance premiums (and reduce their size in half, if the wages of workers higher than one minimum wage), restructuring payments, formed during the period of suspension on payment of taxes and insurance premiums, for a period of one year in equal monthly installments.

Another measure — direct financial support in the form of subsidies (grants) that can be spent for salaries, payment of debts for utilities.

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