a Terrible accident involving actor Mikhail Efremov commented on actress and TV presenter Maria Shukshina. It was outraged by the behavior of relatives of the deceased in the accident Sergei Zakharov, who in a few hours after his death came on TV.

“the family of the deceased, did not have time to cool down the body have contracts with Malakhov-Borisov, and sitting on the sofa, suffering for 30 pieces of silver,” wrote Shukshina in his Instagram. She added that “it is better to grieve in a Church, in a family circle and not in front of the whole country.”

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#mariaschin #Efremov “human Nature does not tolerate blasphemy, and in the end she herself always and will avenge him.” And not only in relation to Michael Ephraim I remembered these words-bearing the classic Russian literature of Dostoevsky. Trouble is happening in the country! The trouble with all of our society! When not taken sincere repentance, when the family of the deceased, did not have time to cool down the body have contracts with Malakhov-Borisov, and sitting on the sofa, suffering for 30 pieces of silver. No, not in the sincerity of suffering I don’t believe I don’t understand how you can sell your misery? As I do not understand their relatives who long ago turned the suffering business, despite my categorical rejection of this, but I understand and support your friend Light Bodrov, which consistently once a year, refuses for the past 20 years from the filming of the movie about her husband Sergei Bodrov, the. And of course, I will never understand and will not accept those who are like ravens circling, looking for another victim, not disdaining anything, no dancing on the bones, nor the fall of a person (preferably famous!), not disdaining to earn on someone else’s grief, tightened into the abyss along with them the poor, unhappy people, who in the eyes of the whole country sell their conscience and dignity, and all the brethren, which has fallen with angry speeches at Mike, trying to strike pobolney for lying, and which under other circumstances and hugged, and took pictures, and drank it anyway. In this abyss they pulled all the spectators, violently condemnatory, indignant, and thereby taking the sin on the soul. Tragedy touched the family of Mikhail Efremov and Sergei Zakharov, opened the abscess of society. In the absence of moral rules, in the absence of a national idea, and not announced in the country for 30 years, in the first place is FREEDOM from morality, from sin, from God. By default, the national idea becomes the slogan of BREAD AND CIRCUSES. This is the spiritual law. Mother Russia always was strong for his compassion, mercy and forgiveness. We never left comrades in distress, is never mocked torn to pieces. But how can you not make sincere repentance? Or we are not Orthodox? CONTINUED ?

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Jun 14, 2020 at 11:11pm PDT

in addition, the actress expressed surprise that the family did not accept the sincere repentance of Ephraim. The actor recorded a video message in which he apologized, repented, and offered to the family of the deceased assistance, however, Zakharov’s family offer the actor rejected.

the accident with the participation of Ephraim occurred on Smolensk square in Moscow on 8 June. The car of actor Jeep Grand Cherokee left on a strip of oncoming traffic where faced the car “Lada”, driven by Zakharov. The man was taken to the hospital, but to save his life, doctors failed. Efremov is practically not affected. According to the medical examination, he was drunk, his blood later also found traces of drugs.

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