Mother shot dead by commandos of the inhabitant of Ekaterinburg: I brought them the keys to the apartment, but they stormed

the Mother of 27-year-old from Yekaterinburg, who was suspected in the theft of the Wallpaper and was shot during the assault, said that he tried to prevent the tragedy. A woman stood at the door of the apartment where barricaded son and asked him to open the door to special forces, writes E1.

“I asked. Stood outside the closed door and asked: “Vova, please open the door.” He didn’t answer. And her husband first talked to me, said that now the son will calm down and everything will be settled”, — said the mother of the victim.

According to her, the son did not pose a danger to others. “There was no aggression, noise, that would have foreshadowed danger. When Regardie went, I told them I went for the keys that you need me to wait. When he returned, they began to storm the door,” laments girl from Yekaterinburg.

She believes that the son was in a panic, but the motive for the shooting is still not there. “Why were they shooting? I don’t think 20 people would be unable to twist. Of course, it was a stressful situation… — said the woman. He was so scared! Therefore resisted”.

Regardie another version. She accused the young man in the robbery of the store Wallpaper, stating that his party was a threat to knife sellers. After returning home, the suspect resisted the police. Resguardar say that he put pepper spray in operative. Talks with father of man, according to them, nor to no avail. When the riot police broke down the door to the apartment, Yekaterinburg began to “threaten them with a subject similar to the automatic weapon.” As a result, the soldiers shot and killed a man. According to authorities, the man was convicted for the drugs, but the mother denies the existence of a criminal record.

Earlier it was reported that the police get the right to open the personal machine of the Russians.

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