MP: on the eve of the parade statistics coronavirus

Before the parade St. Petersburg residents will notice the reduction in the growth of infections with coronavirus. This was at a meeting in the Mariinsky Palace was declared by the Deputy of the Petersburg Legislative Assembly Boris Vishnevsky.

“Before the parade we will see a calming of the statistics. Although, according to my sources, it is better we did not become. People who are not shy to falsify the election results, will not hesitate to fake and statistics on the coronavirus”, — expressed his opinion the MP.

the Speaker Vyacheslav Makarov insisted on the necessity of the parade.

“the Parade is not only the demonstration of military power of the state, a powerful spiritual charge to all people. Not by chance the spiritual charge of the parade, held on 7 November 1941, when Moscow approached the German troops were accompanied by people all the years of war. The second aspect of the parade is the tribute we owe to hold it. Most importantly, veterans who have been waiting for this 75th anniversary, they are constantly asking us and volunteers, will hold any events this year. This is the highest honor for them and the fulfillment of the precepts of our great generals. It is also a lesson for future generations and transfer the code of the winners”, — said the speaker.

we will Remind, Vladimir Putin recently announced that June 24 will be a parade of Victory, and on 26 July — the traditional parade of the Navy and action “Immortal regiment”.

Earlier, the “Rosbalt” wrote about why the decision about the Victory parade is politically motivated, and the question of the health of the nation overshadowed.

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