Orthodox Christians prepare to celebrate the ascension of the Lord: how to spend the day

Orthodox Christians prepare to celebrate the Ascension tomorrow, may 28.

This Church holiday is celebrated on the fortieth day after Easter. History it is described in the Gospels, 40 days after his Resurrection, Jesus Christ appeared to his disciples in Jerusalem, and brought them out of the city to Bethany. After that he blessed them with his hands, and “when he blessed them, he parted from them and carried up into heaven”, wrote Luke, the Evangelist.

on the eve of the feast of the ascension in the temples to celebrate the holiday of Giving Easter. Any Church-wide tradition of celebrating the ascension, but there are some special signs.

it is believed that on this day you can not do any work, except for everyday household Affairs. On this day, Orthodox Christians go to the temple on service, but this year because of the pandemic in the fashion industry, they are encouraged to stay and pray at home.

Post this or not, so veruschie can gather after the service at the holiday table.

in the past the feast, not threw garbage out of the house and not spitting — it was considered that this may offend God, who this day under the guise of a beggar walking the streets. Women baked pancakes and cookies-ladder, symbolizing the road to Heaven.

it was Believed that on this day especially loudly singing Nightingale. Someone managed to catch this bird, he could expect to be happy throughout the year.

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