Pamfilova has suggested to prolong the vote on the Constitution on 7 days

the head of the CEC of the Russian Federation Ella Pamfilova has offered to hold a nationwide vote on amendments to the Constitution, but to start voting six days before that date. That is, the whole procedure will last 7 days.

As reported “Interfax”, the meeting with President Vladimir Putin and Pamfilova said that such a vote is possible, if the CPS “give good”, based on trends to improve the health situation for the coronavirus. And post the voting for 7 days to avoid crowds at the polls.

Putin said that the vote, scheduled for April 22, was cancelled due to the spread of the coronavirus. But now, he said, the situation stabiliziruemost managed “to prevent the explosive nature of the situation on the adverse scenario”. This allows you to return to normal life and work on the amendments, he said. Putin spoke against the proposal to hold a vote on June 24, simultaneously with the Victory parade, urging “not to mix”.

Pamfilova pointed out that too long to vote is not necessary, because in this case, a lot will have to redo it again and spend the budget funds that are needed for other purposes, especially in the current situation. She stressed that election commissions are provided with means of protection and “even disposable pens”. Before the vote, all election Commission members will be tested for the coronavirus.

Pamfilova recalled that on 3 July, starts the main wave of the exam, and in Russia, about half of the polling stations located in schools. “I would not like to have these two very serious things overlap each other,” she concluded.

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