Peskov: Putin to Claim Ignatieff is not the main issue for the Kremlin

the Claim of the former head of Chuvashia Mikhail Ignatyev to the Russian President Vladimir Putin is not a major issue for the Kremlin now. So said Putin’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov on a question “Kommersant FM” about the lawsuit dismissed official.

Peskov said that on the complaint in the Kremlin learned from media reports. To comment on the situation, he refused, explaining that it is a matter of judgment. Also Peskov does not know whether received in the office of the statement of claim Ignatieff.

Recall, the Supreme court returned the statement of claim the former head of Chuvashia Mikhail Ignatyev to the President of the Russian Federation in terms of demands for more rights to social security. “Russia’s Supreme court returned the statement of claim in terms of requirements for establishing the fact of partial disability and establishing the right to additional social and other guarantees shall be returned in accordance with paragraph 2 of part 1 of article 129 of the administrative Code of Russia in connection with the jurisdiction of this court,” — said the source.

In this may 20, the court took into production the claim of Ignatieff in the part in which the former head of the region contested the presidential decree on early termination of his powers.

At the beginning of the year, Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed the decree about the dismissal of the head of Chuvashia Mikhail Ignatyev in connection with loss of trust. Acting head of the region — the Deputy of the state Duma from party “Fair Russia” Oleg Nikolaev. Elections of the head of Chuvashia will be held in a single voting day on September 13.

Earlier in the Internet appeared the video, which Ignatiev forced the officer of the Ministry of emergency situations to jump for the keys to a new car. Before the media quoted the words of Ignatieff, who called for “wet” journalists “who come from different regions of the Russian Federation, well settled here and begin to write, I don’t know what and who”.

IN “ER” said that the behavior of Ignatieff during the ceremony, the keyfrom new fire trucks is beyond comprehension, and it seems that he “lives in a parallel reality”. In the end, Ignatieff was expelled from the party.

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