Politician: Tanks, guns and planes we scare anyone, not just a coronavirus

Members of political parties not represented in Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, expressed his position about the upcoming parade and voting on amendments to the Constitution. They performed at the Mariinsky Palace on 23 June, everyone was allotted 3 minutes.

“With the advent of pandemic of the previous course proved to be ineffective, — said Dmitry Kuzmin, a member of the party “Russian United labour front”. — When they announced the pension reform, we were told that life was beautiful and long, but compared to the pandemic it became clear that citizens over 60 years of age are at potential risk area multiple. Is this not an indication that the authors of the reform — shameless cynics who had not the good of the people? And now we are called upon to vote for a cute placard in the spirit of “Protect seals”!”

the Speaker of Parliament Vyacheslav Makarov turned off the speakers microphone. However, in the same spirit expressed by Veronica Klenovica, the representative of the party “Communists of Russia”.

“it is Much better to spend the money to help people than to vote. But once it takes place, we take the initiative to cancel all the penalties undergone by the people during the isolation — anticosine law rake the money from the pockets of the people. We also urge them to consider the ability to vote on the amendments separately, not the whole package,” said Klenovica, adding that meant the amendment about God in the Constitution. According to her, the ROC will create a situation of civil conflict, and residents will remember how he fought to Saint Isaac’s Cathedral has remained a Museum.

Vyacheslav Makarov tried to reason with Klenovitsky, Recalling that the Church is “always United, not divided people,” and urged her to “sit down”.

Artem Nikolaev, representative of the party “Civil initiative”, he askedom, why in St. Petersburg held a parade, however, and his statement, Makarov repeatedly interrupted.

“I’m not a virologist, but I’m sure that tanks, guns and aircraft, maybe someone will scare, but not the coronavirus… We are in some kind of Orgy, running ahead of the locomotive, while the hundreds of businesses were ruined and people lost their jobs. What then were all these measures, if I may so take and hold an event with people of all ages? 200 veterans have to come to the parade of security measures — only chess Seating and disinfection of streets. In St. Petersburg during the day, more deaths than in any other city of Russia! But no, we will do everything in order not to disappoint the big boss. Than to spend money on window dressing, the parade, could this money to give to the veterans. Why working overtime doctors, driving all to a public event in the city center?”

No less sharply expressed and the representative of the party “people’s freedom” Natalia Gryaznevich.

“used to think that the total majority of United Russia in power, they have streamlined and organized. But in St. Petersburg for years without addressing pressing problems of residents, said Gryaznevich. — Where is the greatness that we come to celebrate at the parade? Worn with a victory, as with a written sack, and when we start to live? All the power and solidity of the state is a myth. And now we are invited to adopt the amendments that will further strengthen the monolith. Local government, which is breathing its last, will be subordinated to the city administration, and she distractedly looks at the problem of people and can’t solve them!”

Recall, the Victory parade will be held in Russia on June 24, despite the pandemic coronavirus. A nationwide vote on amendments to the Constitution will be held from 25 June to 1 July. One of the key amendments was the nullification of presidential terms of Vladimir Putin.

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