Poll: 28% of Russians are ready to protest because of falling living standards

28% of Russians are ready to protest because of falling living standards. This is the maximum for a year and a half. About it reports “Rain” with reference to the results of the survey “Levada-center”, which is commissioned by the “Open media”.

Before that peak potential protest activity was in the fall of 2018 in the background of the adoption of the law on raising the retirement age. Then in the protest were willing to participate, 30% of respondents.

68% of respondents said they will not participate in the protests, if they take place. Among those wishing to participate in protests 40% — people aged 18 to 24 years and 35% from 40 to 54 years.

In Moscow to participate in protests ready to 26%.

a Nationwide survey was conducted from may 22 to 24 random numbers mobile and landline phones. Was attended by 1 thousand 623 people aged 18 years and over.

Earlier, experts of “romira” estimated that the amount of so-called “free money” in the average Russian household has decreased in April by 40% yoy and amounted to 17.6 thousand rubles. As explained by the research holding that “this amount of money average family had at their disposal after the purchase of consumer goods, including food, payment of utility bills, transport and communication etc.”. “And these funds could be spent on the payment of loans, purchase of durable goods, major purchase, education, medicine, entertainment, leisure or deferred in the form of savings,” said in “Romira”.

However, relative to the previous month, the volume of available money increased in April to 31%, however, “despite the increase versus the last period”, holding analysts warn that “the April value of ISD (Index of “free money) indicates structural changes of welfare of civilan”.

“the March decline could be explained by the increase of expenses in connection with the beginning of a period of self-isolation. The April decline compared to last year says more about the rising costs and lower incomes”, — added in “Romira”.

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