President Arctic Academy of Sciences was accused of treason and espionage

the President of the Arctic Academy of Sciences Valery Mitko opened a criminal case under articles of treason and espionage. The FSB was confused by the visit St. Petersburg scientist in China with classified documents, however, the 78-year-old researcher denies guilt. Details told the human rights group, “Team 29”.

security Officers came to the home of Professor 11 Feb 2020. Then, during the search seized five boxes of research papers Mitko and 6 thousand dollars.

“several times He went to lecture in China at the invitation of the Dalian University. He is accused that, being one of Russia’s leading experts in hydroacoustics, he allegedly brought in his suitcase a document with the characteristics of foreign submarines, among whom was the Russian model. Valery Mitko categorically denies his guilt,” — said the lawyer.

the Last time a scientist had visited the PRC in 2018. Sudden interest of special services lawyers explain released in 2020 monographs on the Arctic mission of Russia.

on February 12, the researcher is under house arrest. In early June, the measure was extended again — until October 10. Mitko also forbidden to communicate with the media and witnesses, including children.

According to the wife, the health scientist has deteriorated. Due to the aggravated nerves arthritis one arm almost completely immobilized.

Valery Mitko known as the doctor of technical Sciences, Professor, corresponding member of St. Petersburg Academy of engineering and member of the Russian Academy of natural Sciences. The scholar is President of the Arctic Academy of Sciences, has received many medals for his scientific achievements. The researcher has published more than 400 scientific papers.

additionally, this is not the first case of prosecution of a Russian scientist in the treason. Earlier wide public resonance was received by the criminal case instituted against the employee of the Central researchdriver engineering Institute Victor Kudryavtsev. The researcher was accused of passing secret information of Belgium.

the St. Petersburg Arctic public Academy of Sciences — scientific public organization. The main focus of its activities is the scientific justification for the detention of the Arctic doctrine of Russia as the basic document, which proclaims Russia’s geopolitical interests in the Arctic and organizing activities for their implementation.

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