boarding schools in Pushkin and Pavlovsk congratulated on Day of protection of children. The performance staged on 27 may members of the company Upsala-Circus, musicians, also joined the staff of the Ministry. About how the event, said the organizers of the charity Fund “Prospects”.

the Team went on a fire truck with balloons and sang under the Windows of the children’s performance. Performers juggled, played instruments and performed stunts.

“We visited the house where the family lives our ward Andrew. The young man loves fire trucks and the circus, but I, like many others, to sit in quarantine at home. Went to the orphanage-boarding school No. 5 town of Pushkin, home to 65 children with disabilities. And then in Pavlovsk children’s home No. 4, where he congratulated each of the 200 children with severe disabilities,” he revealed the route to “Prospects”.

according to the staff live, the audience was satisfied.

the international children’s day is celebrated on 1 June. This year the wards of orphanages are forced to spend it without mass actions because of restrictions against a new type of coronavirus. Many of the pupils were sent to accompany and stay in the family.

“Rosbalt” presents the project “All inclusive!”, designed to show that disability is a problem that concerns each of us. And moral state of society is determined by how it relates to people with developmental disabilities.

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