Putin approved the foundations of state policy in the sphere of nuclear deterrence

Russian President Vladimir Putin approved the foundations of state policy of Russia in the field of nuclear deterrence. Putin’s decree posted on the portal of legal information.

the decree said that the state policy of the Russian Federation in the field of nuclear deterrence is defensive in nature, it aims at maintaining the capability of nuclear forces at a level sufficient to ensure nuclear deterrence guarantees the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state.

Bases reflect the official views on the nature of nuclear deterrence, as well as the conditions of transition of Russia to use nuclear weapons. The document stresses that policy in the event of a military conflict will ensure the prevention of the escalation of hostilities and their termination on terms acceptable to Russia and its allied conditions.

“the Russians view nuclear weapons solely as a deterrent, the use of which is extreme, forced measure,” — said in the basics. It is also noted that the Russian Federation takes all necessary measures to reduce the nuclear threat.

General management of gospolitiki in the field of nuclear deterrence by the President. The security Council of the Russian Federation determines the main directions of the military policy in this area. The Ministry of defence carries out activities in the sphere of nuclear deterrence. The security Council also coordinates the work of Federal Executive bodies participating in the implementation of the decisions of the President aimed at ensuring nuclear deterrence.

the Government of the Russian Federation carries out measures to implement economic policies aimed at maintaining and developing the nuclear deterrent.

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