Putin said about the approval of amendments to the Constitution of the

Vladimir Putin stated confidence in the fact that the amendments to the basic law supported the “absolute majority” of the population. Holiday President’s speech in honor of day of Russia held on June 12 at the Poklonnaya hill in Moscow. According to BBC News, this is the “first several weeks” the appearance of the head of state in public — Putin during the “holidays” and after him were working remotely from Novo-Ogaryovo.

Putin in his speech explained that he meant the support of future amendments to the Constitution, which stipulate the inviolability of borders of Russia, preserving the memory of ancestors, honoring parents and family, the protection of historical truth.

“we Have common historical code, moral principles, our unconditional respect for the person-the worker and the defender of the Fatherland, to our inextricable centuries-old history, traditions and culture”, — Putin said.

According to the President, “therefore it is natural that so often there were proposals to make these fundamental, core principles in the Constitution of Russia”. He expressed the conviction “that this position is shared and supported by the absolute majority of our citizens.”

How to soobshaet in a number of amendments to the Constitution, for which the authorities propose to vote with the pack, and is allowing Putin to remain as President for another two terms of six years. Changes for the period after 2024.

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