Returning from captivity in Libya, a Russian sailor wrote a complaint to the UN against the NTC

In the Telegram channel President PSNZ Alexander Malkevich there was a post about a former prisoner of the Libyan prison “Mitiga”, Russian sailor Sergei Samoilov, who was released last summer. The Russians decided to file a complaint with the United Nations on the national consensus Government (NTC) for the violation of human rights.

In August 2019 Russian sailors from the ship “Chemetron”, captain Vladimir Tekuchev and senior aide Sergei Samoilov, was released from a three-year imprisonment in the “Mitiga”. They were released thanks to the intervention of the Ministry of foreign Affairs and PSNC. The Fund is still widely covers the problem of political terrorism in Libya.

“They had experienced physical violence, torture and psychological pressure. For example, as told the sailors, jail inmates “Mitiga” sleep on the concrete floor, and sometimes even standing in a cell designed for 8 people was for 50-70 people,” says Malkevich Telegram channel.

At the moment Sergey Samoilov decided to file a complaint with the United Nations to the NTC for violation of human rights. Sailor argues that the seizure of the ship was similar to a lawful arrest, and was more like a pirate attack.

In an official statement, along with descriptions of the details of the capture, include any person who participated in certain events. In particular, the complaint is referred to the Minister of the NTC, Fathi Basaga and “slaver, smuggler, hiding from Interpol,” the chief of the Coast guard al-Zawiya, Abdul Rahman Milad.

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