Rospotrebnadzor has prepared new sanitation requirements for shops

CPS has prepared a draft sanitary requirements for shops and markets that sell the food products. The new rules will be in effect until 2031.

As reported on the portal of projects of legal acts, rules designed to prevent the emergence and spread of infectious diseases and poisonings related to the sale of food products in shops and markets. According to the document, sellers forbid to release products that have fallen on the floor to weigh products on weights without packing, and pour drinks from the Cup in the container and sell the eggs in the departments that implement not Packed manufacturer products.

“In trading facilities that use containers, carts and baskets for self-service buyers, the conditions for processing and storage containers, trolleys and baskets separately from conditions for processing and storing commercial equipment and supplies”, — reported in the document.

Fish stores will forbid to place in the areas of embedded or attached to the residential or administrative buildings. The noise level in the trading rooms shall meet the hygienic requirements to the level of noise in the premises.

Over the venues on the open market will be obliged to set up tents to protect the products. And in the tents of the owners will have to have a sink for hand washing. And non-stationary trading facilities, under the new rules, should be placed in areas having a toilet within walking distance from the workplace.

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