Russia accused of scapegoating in Georgia because of the scandal with the laboratory Lugar

the Demonization and the propagation of myths and fakes that supposedly laboratory Lugar is the symbol of all evil in the region, is not new and lasts a long time. This was stated by one of the leaders of “European Georgia”, Sergi Kapanadze, commenting on Russia’s statements about the activities of the laboratory Lugar in Georgia, the “Georgia online”.

“Apparently, now they came the next stage, as in the country they have no control over the spread of the virus and although someone to blame, and of course, American laboratory in a hostile Georgia is a scapegoat in this case”, — the politician said, adding that Georgia must understand that “the rhetoric of Russia will continue to remain hostile.”

“it is important that the government resisted this rhetoric, including within the country, and did not encourage such forces, which are the flagship of anti-Western propaganda and propaganda against the laboratory Lugar,” — said Kapanadze.

Earlier official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that in the lab “is working on creation and modification of various pathogens of dangerous diseases, including for military purposes”. Georgia called this version “disinformation campaign of Russia against the West.”

the Special representative of the Prime Minister of Georgia on settlement of relations with Russia Zurab Abashidze noted that the Georgian side is ready to accept the Russian specialists, but within the framework of the biological mechanism of the Convention. According to him, the unilateral visit of Russian experts to the lab Lugar in Georgia is not even considered.

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