Sands: the Possibility of a second wave of coronavirus calculated

the Potential of the second wave of the spread of the novel coronavirus is now being calculated by specialists, said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov. At the same time, reports RIA “Novosti”, he assured that the Russian health care is ready to answer any calls.

He said that among experts “someone with less probability, someone with greater” discusses the possibility of the “second wave”. But the health infrastructure of the Russian Federation is maintained in a condition ready to respond to any challenges, Peskov said.

earlier today the Director of the European regional office of the world health organization (who) Hans Kluge admitted the possibility of a re-surge of coronavirus in the near future.

According to him, the second wave can be even more devastating for the unprepared countries. He urged not to lift the quarantine too early. A vaccine Kluge called for a thorough “to stop” foci of infection, as the virus “will stay with us for a long time”. “The second wave is not inevitable, however, a growing number of countries removes restrictions, there is a clear threat to re-surge” — he said. As soon as the vaccine will appear in the who promise to do all that it was fairly common, and all countries got to her equal access. While there is still no concrete date for a vaccine, although it also involved prominent scientists and the best researchers from around the world.

for its part, senior specialist in emergencies regional office for Europe the who Catherine Smallwood said that while no country of Europe have not developed an immunity to COVID-19.

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