SBR called

the Russian biathlon Union (RBU) has called a “technical error” publication on its website of the statement, signed by half the members of the Board of this organization to criticize the current President of the Russian biathlon Union Vladimir Drachev.

As reported by TASS in the SBR, “the letter was intended for internal use”. And the website it came from-for technical errors.

earlier today on the website of the RBU issued a statement signed by the members of the management Board Alexey Nuzhdov, Victor Maigurov, Yuri Vekshina, Ivan Tcherezov and Andrew Levonia. It explained the motives for convening an extraordinary election conference of the RBU to elect a new President of the organization.

the letter said that Drachev in their actions is beyond the scope of the organization and causes damage, does not fulfill the provisions of the current legislation of the Russian Federation as part of the activities of the public organization and the Charter of the RBU. It was also said that Drachev does not control the current situation and completely detached from real world problems faced by SBR at this stage. Systematically publicly distributes populist and often conflicting promises, it is not consistent with the possibility of their implementation. Drachev has their own opinions on many important issues and too often trusting people, unfamiliar with the situation in the Russian biathlon pursuing personal, often causing direct harm to the interests of SBR. The financial situation in the RBU for the past year poses a direct threat to the normal functioning of the apparatus of Union, of the Institute teams, and existing programs for the development and support of biathlon. Declared the President of the RBU to attract financial partners (from the programme of the presidential candidate) was carried out and more — has been suspended or terminated cooperation with the previous partners. The operation of the apparatus controldevelopment by the activities of the SLR are not organized, and any attempt to thwart its organization by the President of the Union.

the Irresponsible management of the current activity of RRF led to the accumulation of debt obligations, the fulfillment of obligations to partners and sponsors, the workforce of the organization. However, at the time of the next crisis, the President of the RBU, as a rule, shifted responsibility for the incident at once attracted the artist and resulted as follows. Drachev unacceptable rarely visits the office of the Union of biathlonists not acquainted properly with the current documents and enters his name with letters and inquiries, despite the fact that SBR has developed around the situation demands from him the head of the daily performance of their duties.

the Decision to hold an extraordinary conference was adopted by a majority of the members of the Board of the RBU in April. It happened because of disagreements they have with the Bastard for the formation of a trainer’s staff of Russian national team for the new season. Elections of the head of the organization must pass July 11 in Moscow.

four-time world champion, Deputy of the state Duma Drachev was elected President of the RBU for a four year term in may 2018.

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