Sobyanin opened the season of summer terraces of restaurants and cafes

Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin on the first day of the resumption of summer terraces in the capital’s cafes visited one of them where he talked to the restaurateurs of the capital. According to him, all decisions seriously enough verified, the authorities see every stage of the removal of restrictions. “This past Monday checked again, not mistaken if we looked at all the trends: detection of disease, hospitalization, the number of pneumonia — everyone falls, and confident enough,” assured the mayor. He identified the need to develop the rules of activities in a pandemic coronavirus infection, which will ensure the continued safety of the citizens. According to Sobyanin, it is necessary to adapt to the fact that the virus “will not go away, will remain forever.” “We need to mitigate all the risks that give uncontrollability of a situation, to enter managed mode, and then adjusting to a new life, to make such rules, which would guarantee that we will live a normal life that there will be those bursts of uncontrollable,” said the mayor. In the city, said Sobyanin remains the stock of hospital beds to treat patients with the identified COVID-19. He pointed out that even during the intense period of the pandemic in the capital remained the supply of hospital beds of about 30%. Sobyanin also noted the work of the city’s food service establishments, which in the period of the pandemic were provided with meals health professionals. “The volume is about 25% of the total catering worked to order, including urban orders”, — said the mayor. We will add that from today the summer veranda has resumed. According to the press service of the mayor and Moscow government, in the coming weeks, the city plans to open about 3 thousand summer cafes. However, the city is still temporarily prohibited banquets and other events; the opening of playgrounds and play areas, buffets and salad bars, entertainment areas, dance floors and other crowded places; the use of hookahs. If further improvement of the epidemiological situation 23 June and will be able to begin working and fixed food service establishments. Recall that the restaurants, cafes, canteens and other public catering companies in Moscow were temporarily closed from March 28, 2020, with the exception of service take-out and delivery of finished dishes. It is noted that in order to prevent the spread of the disease before the opening of businesses catering to them will be General cleaning with a disinfectant, and an extraordinary disinfection of ventilation and air-conditioning. In the halls for visitors should be provided the possibility of observing the social distance 1.5 m, including through marking. The same distance should be between the seats when placing dining tables. At the entrance to the restaurant or cafe visitors should also use masks and gloves. At the entrance they can measure the temperature in a contactless manner. Also visitors are urged to treat the hands with an antiseptic. Recall that on 9 June in Moscow was completely abolished self-isolation and access control, has resumed hairdresser, beauty salons, photo studios, veterinary clinics and employment agencies. Lifted restrictions on the operation of car sharing. Their normal activities have returned to public organizations, film studios, recording studios and academic institutions. Theatres, concert organisations and circuses can conduct rehearsals of creative teams. Also lifted restrictions on visits to city cemeteries. From June 16 to open the summer terraces of restaurants and cafes. Removed restrictions on the provision of routine care in dental clinics. Resume libraries, real estate offices, rental services, advertising, consulting and other agencies providing services to citizensDunham and businesses. Muscovites will be able to visit museums, galleries and zoos. Allowed to visit and sporting events, but yet, provided that the stands will be filled for no more than 10%. If further improvement of the epidemiological situation to the next stage of easing of restrictions is scheduled to go on June 23. This day can be open fixed food service establishments. Will be lifted restrictions on the operation of fitness clubs, swimming pools and other sports complexes. It is anticipated the resumption of passenger navigation on the Moscow river, including Hiking on a river boat. In addition, it will be cancelled limits for kindergartens, including private.

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