St. Petersburg tour guides are unable to obtain unemployment benefits

the guide-interpreter fails to prove the Petersburg center of employment, they lost their jobs because of the pandemic coronavirus. This was in the context of the online marathon of “Rosbalt” in support of small and average business “to Save the business: mission (im)possible?” said Elizaveta Nefedova, the Community member guides of St. Petersburg.

“the Guides-interpreters who have lost work because of closed borders, trying to get up to the labour exchange to receive 12 thousand from the state, but they say they will only pay fifteen hundred rubles. The fact that they can’t prove you lost income because of the pandemic, the majority concludes civil-law contract for the spring and summer months. Employment agencies do not understand that the travel company who wanted to hire them in April, couldn’t do,” explains Elizaveta Nefedova.

According to her, in that position was 5 thousand guides with high education, brilliant language skills, with accreditation and license. And now they wonder, not to leave to another profession.

“So we could lose qualified staff — sure Elizaveta Nefedova. — A letter with a request to support the guides we were sent to St. Petersburg the Committee for tourism, and then the Governor. The answer is no.”

the Deputy of city Legislative Assembly Irina Ivanova, one of the leading marathon “of Rosbalt”, said the letter is direct and to the head of the government of the Russian Federation Mikhail mishustina, as the money to pay the unemployed all come from the Federal Treasury.

the MP Also emphasized that for city business the main thing now is to hear from the city authorities a specific timeline for the removal of the regime of restrictions.

“We have finally come out of the fog and to enable businesses to prepare for the exit. For him, the most terrible ignorance” — said Irina Ivanova.

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