The chief doctor of the hospital. Filatov called on city residents to wear masks and gloves outside the house

Chief physician of City clinical hospital of Moscow № 15 named after Filatov Valery Vechorko urged residents of the capital to observe schedule of trips. According to him, this will avoid the risk of infection by the coronavirus in the crowd of people in one place.

He noted that a walk in the fresh air is very useful, “but this does not mean that everything needs to go outside,” the Agency reports city news “Moscow”.

“In this case, the isolation in which we were might prove to be meaningless. That is why I ask you as the chief doctor of the hospital, through which during this time have been about 10 thousand patients, and as a resident of our city who was isolated from family, to remember about social distance and precautions in wearing masks and gloves,” said the doctor.

He stressed that the schedule of walks will allow you to make threads and avoid the risk of infection with coronavirus at a mass gathering of people in one place.

“We’ve already suffered, there are very few. Let us rise out of a situation in which not only we, but the whole world”, — said Valery Vechorko.

Earlier it was reported that since June 1, 2020, citizens will be able to go for walks on the schedule and exercise in the fresh air, pass this to is not necessary.

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