The court of cassation upheld the Ural human rights defenders working on the rights of relatives of prisoners with long-term Dating

the Judicial Board of the Sverdlovsk regional court ordered the prosecution to consider an appeal of defenders of the rights of citizens with long-term visits with prisoners. As the correspondent of “Rosbalt” the head of public organization “Legal basis” Aleksey Sokolov to achieve this solution, I had to go through many instances.

“We asked the Prosecutor to consider the legality of internal orders and instructions of the FSIN, which actually limits the people who came for long visits. They are limited in mobility and in performing their civic duties. Within three days a person is virtually unable to be released. Maybe him credit or have to pay some obligations to fulfill that come in these days. He even denied the opportunity to make a call to check on things at my parents ‘ house. But the Prosecutor’s office did not consider our appeal and sent him to the penitentiary. There, in turn, said they were not involved in law-making activity”, – said Alexey Sokolov.

human rights activists appealed to court, but the Verkh-Isetskiy district court of Yekaterinburg dismissed the claims. Similar to the position originally occupied and judicial Board on administrative cases of the Sverdlovsk regional court. However the judicial Board of cassation of the Seventh court of General jurisdiction, quashed these decisions and remitted the case for retrial. In the new trial Board of the Sverdlovsk regional court declared illegal the refusal of the head of Department on supervision of legality of execution of criminal penalties, the Prosecutor of the Sverdlovsk region in consideration of the appeal. The court ordered the Prosecutor to consider the appeal on the merits.

“now, What will decide the Prosecutor’s office as a result of consideration – can’t predict,” said Alexei Sokolov. The human rights activist stressed that he and his colleagues intend to defend the rights of citizens who, during the durationalnogo Dating convicted don’t have three days to stay indoors.

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