The CPS criticized the proposal to issue vouchers instead of money for cancelled flights

The CPS refused to negotiate prepared by the transport Ministry, the draft government decree on the legalization of vouchers, which are issued as compensation for cancelled flights instead of returning the money. The Department believes that this document does not take into account the guarantee for passengers. According to RBC, stated in a letter to the Deputy head of Rospotrebnadzor Mikhail Orlov. As noted, on may 27, he sent a letter to the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of economic development and the Ministry of transport. We will remind, in the beginning of may to help in the first place the carriers affected by the cancellation of flights and reduced passenger traffic in a pandemic, the government proposed to legalize vouchers, allowing air, rail and water carriers are not to return to passengers money for tickets on the cancelled flights. This voucher can give the right to a future visit and to be credited to the personal account of the passenger equivalent of the money that you can use in the future. Changes to the contract with the client will be allowed to make only emergency situation, emergency or alert. It is proposed to amend the legislation, including the Air code. To specify the change should be the decision of the government. According to the draft resolution prepared by the Ministry of transport, passengers to return money for canceled flights is only possible after three years, if the client will not use the voucher. According to Orlov, this largely shifts the risks of the business activities of the carrier to consumers. The Deputy head of the CPS points to other shortcomings. So, according to the Department, the Ministry of transport, allowing the carrier to change the contract unilaterally, refers to his order on the General regulations for air transport. Meanwhile, in this document there are no provisions on unilateral contract modification. The carrier can only change the plane, change the route, if require safety rules. As noted in Rospotrebnadzor, offer passengers to choose another date in the selected route can force the clients not to cancel the trip with a loss guarantee of a full refund for the ticket. The draft resolution does not provide any guarantee that the passenger will be able to use the voucher, if within three years, the ticket price will rise, will be canceled flights to or in the event of bankruptcy of the carrier, indicate in the Agency. In addition, there is no economic justification of the three-year period during which carriers may not return the money to passengers. Orlov recommended that the Ministry of transport and other relevant agencies to reflect in the document all possible guarantees for passengers in the performance of the airlines obligations. Meanwhile, write “New news”, thousands of passengers are unable to refund tickets for cancelled flights of “Aeroflot”, despite the billions in subsidies granted to the carrier by the state to recover losses from the coronavirus. Moreover, there was a petition called “Aeroflot, return our money! Vouchers we do not need!” Author public circulation Christine Tuzlukova outraged that during an epidemic, when many people left without a livelihood, the airline “Aeroflot” compensates for cancelled tickets are not money, and paper, and firms freeze pay on Deposit. According to passengers, the airline refuses to refund tickets for cancelled flights, and despite the fact that the legislative initiative on the voucher has not yet passed the approval of the President and has not been published, “the airline already references”. Some passengers complain that they can’t return the money even for the return tickets. So, one of the passengers bought tickets to Italy in February from the official partner airline Тutu.tu (NTT, OOO). When coronavirus awesoometion between the two countries was suspended, the girl demanded a refund of the money spent on tickets, however “Aeroflot” has sent the girl to the mediator, the “long silence, referring to the workload due to the pandemic and the extension of the waiting period for responses.” In the end, the girl offered to compensate the cost of tickets “in the form of a certificate on a future purchase”, or to make a claim to get money. After making the claim the passenger got a response: “this ticket is issued through the agent network. In accordance with airline regulations, voluntary changes and refunds are made according to the rules of the fare purchased”. The girl has notified Aeroflot about the beginning of the court procedure. Another passenger also intends to go to court, because it can not return the money for the ticket for over two months. “Accounting Aeroflot refund is not processed. The money is not returned. Bought the ticket was more than 4 months ago. All this time the money in circulation with “Aeroflot”. Operators like monkeys — “timeout return increased, specific terms, no.” I see no other solution as to recover through the court, demanding additional compensation for illegal use of foreign funds and caused material and moral damage” — says Natalia. At the same time, the newspaper notes, “burned” and izucenie person. The other day the journalist and playwright Victor Shenderovich told about his experience with a major carrier in the country. As a customer, caught in flight, cancelled because of the epidemic of the coronavirus, he also entered into a long correspondence with the airline for compensation for the burnt ticket. Money carrier he was not returned, but as a loyal customer filled up with advertising and “bonuses”.

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