The defense Ministry told about the precautions in the preparation of the Victory parade June 24

the Soldiers checked for coronavirus and only if a negative test will include in structure of participants of parade of Victory in 2020. As reported by “Red star”, said chief of Land forces General of the army Oleg saliukov.

According to him, the operational headquarters for the prevention of introduction and spread of novel coronavirus infection has developed recommendations for the location of the arriving of the parade.

“They (the parade) will provide to stay a separate isolated areas, to avoid contact with other military personnel, civilian personnel and the local population. In the preparation of the places of residence — not only in Moscow but also in all other cities where will take place military parades — participating military physicians and unit NBC defense, while disinfection is intended for transportation to places of training vehicles, residential premises,” he said.

“Before sending each soldier again will be tested for the presence of coronavirus infection and only in the absence of infection will be included in the parade. Train will all be in the PPE — wearing gloves and masks,” – said Salyukov.

According to him, the training will be held June 8 on the front site in the suburban Alabino. They will continue until 15 June. On 17 and 18 June the night of the rehearsal on red square. And on June 20 there will be a dress rehearsal of the parade.

Salyukov added that the parade in Moscow will involve Hiking and mechanized columns, as well as flight crews.

the Victory Parade this year will be held on 24 June because of the situation with coronavirus. Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with defence Minister Sergei Shoigu explained the choice of date that day in 1945 held a “legendary, historical parade of the winners, when on red square were the soldiers who fought at Moscow and defended Leningrad, fought at Stalingrad, onSvobodova Europe, taking Berlin by storm”.

the Head of state instructed the Minister of defense to rule out any risks to the health of the participants of the parade.

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