The Democrats of the early 1990s opposed the amendments to the Constitution

Participants in the development of the Declaration on state sovereignty of the RSFSR, Constitution of the Russian Federation, deputies of convocation 1990-1993, public figures, and members of the constitutional club opposed the amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

the statement of the participants of the conference “30 years of the Declaration on state sovereignty of the RSFSR” States that, despite different political views and beliefs, they think that the Russians, is in a “deep systemic crisis” from which it must withdraw to create a “federated social democratic legal secular state”.

“We consider it incorrect and largely illegitimate procedure and results of constitutional reform-2020”, — said in a statement. The amendments are in conflict with several provisions of the Constitution, the constitutional order, rights and freedoms of man and citizen. They make even more elusive political and economic competition, do not create guarantees for free elections, impede the establishment of social justice, ideological diversity, said in a statement.

Also, according to the authors, the need for constitutional-legal mechanism of overcoming of the crisis is replaced by pinning a randomly selected set of constitutional amendments and strengthening of the authoritarian political regime. Also, the amendments introduced a provision on a new count of presidential terms a specific person, that is Vladimir Putin, and contrary to his own promises about the change of power. “Increases the risk of stagnation of state power until 2036 and its usurpation”, — underlined in the document.

in addition, the statement says, many improvements of a social nature are purely declarative. The support of civil society, parliamentary control, national sovereignty and patriotism in the role of cover for a further concentration of power in the hands of a narrow group of people.

Acceptance but actuallyhowling version of the Constitution is in violation of the Constitution order. The procedure of the nationwide vote and the deliberate refusal of the Federal law on the referendum, the lack of public control, the impossibility of campaigning against the draft constitutional amendments, reduced the rate of counting of votes have high risks of bias and distortion of results of voting.

the Authors of the statement demand a moratorium on the entry into force of the amendments to the Constitution. They also call for multilateral and open dialogue between the government and the society to come to an agreement on anti-crisis measures and the constitutional legal guarantees. Including guarantees universal, equal, direct and free elections in Russia with a transparent vowel forms of social control, the authors conclude.

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