The Deputy of Moscow city Council: the city authorities mobilized the maximum resources to support citizens

city authorities have mobilized all resources to support the most vulnerable citizens in a pandemic coronavirus. This opinion was expressed to the newspaper “Arguments and Facts”, Moscow Duma Deputy Lyudmila Guseva.

She noted that help the elderly and citizens with chronic diseases 9.5 thousand social workers and more than 1.5 thousand volunteers who buy the food and medicine.

“in addition, in accordance with the decree of the Moscow mayor in excess of 1.85 million residents from the risk group received a cash payment in the amount of four thousand rubles,” — said Gusev.

She recalled that the support and people who have lost because of the pandemic and the status of the unemployed is now possible to remotely.

“the payout for unemployed may reach 19.5 thousand rubles. If he has children, the additional benefit is paid in the amount of three thousand rubles on each child,” said the Deputy.

According to the Deputy, lsti supported families with children, in particular, “regardless of the parents’ income for each child aged from three to 16 years from 1 June will be made to pay 10 thousand rubles.” “In addition, for each child up to three years for April, may and June rely payments in the amount of five thousand rubles, if the family is entitled to maternal capital. If average per capita family income below the subsistence minimum allocation for children aged three to seven years — in the amount of half the minimum living wage for each child,” — said Gusev.

“the city increased its benefits for children from three to seven years in low-income families — to 7613 rubles, and the decree of the President of the Russian Federation the minimal size of childcare allowance for the first child up to six years from April to June increased to 6751 rubles”, — he added.

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