The doctor told me about the dangers of using a scarf instead of a mask

the doctor-the virologist Sergey Netesov has warned about the dangers of a scarf, which some people use instead of a mask as protection from the coronavirus in the street.

In an interview with radio station “Moscow speaking” the medic told me what modern medical mask different from the scarf. According to him, first of all the mask have the front and inner side.

“It is, as a rule, people will not mix, many times even donning a disposable mask. With the scarf situation is fundamentally different. The fact that no one, of course, will not remember what place the scarf the man was breathing,” said the doctor.

Thus, as noted Netesov, mistaking the side of the scarf will breathe substances that have settled on the subject. “It turns out that the scarf even more harm than good. Even so it can not be used”, — the expert added, Recalling that the mask have filter material. Meanwhile, “no, no sweaters, sweatshirts didn’t check that they hold that they are not detained,” said the virologist.

He recognized that mask too, not everything is delayed. “Unprofessional masks give protection to about 70-80%. Therefore, these use regular clothes — it’s just an illusion of protection”, — said the doctor of biological Sciences.

Recall that in recent days in Moscow have identified 2 286 thousand new cases of coronavirus. And from the beginning of the epidemic in the capital revealed 185 374 thousand cases of coronavirus.

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