The doctor told why it is impossible to identify the patients for 20 minutes, as proposed by the Ministry of health

the Ministry of health has prepared a draft order on approval of norms of time for hematologists, infectious disease specialists, pulmonologists, oncologists, surgeons and doctors. On admission they are given from 20 to 35 minutes. In real life, to highlight the ill prescribed time difficult, told the correspondent of “Rosbalt” infectious disease physician Elizabethan hospital in St. Petersburg Evgeny Daevas.

“a Matter of time that is allotted for the reception of patient — slippery. For example, the infectious disease doctor come very different patients — someone comes first, someone repeatedly. Primary patient must be efficiently interrogate, to examine, to give directions on tests or instrumental examinations. Perhaps this person will need referral for second opinion or even admission to hospital. Need to prescribe treatment, give the sick list and every record in a medical card. It will take a lot of time,” says Daevas.

However, if the same patient comes again, the time it will take less — the doctor only needs to reflect the dynamics of the disease to see the results of the research statement.

“Someone might come up with the design of disability — there is a form on 8 sheets, it is possible for two hours to spend. And someone comes in completely healthy for donor help, and it takes three minutes. Or drop by the lab results back. And in addition to the planned reception people can come for acute disease. Or people on sick leave and must be taken immediately”, — quotes the examples of a doctor.

According to her, the infectious disease clinics is now basically a 6-hour reception. 20 minutes the patient is of 18 people per day however the doctor reminds you that someone will take 3 minutes, on the hour. In addition, each health facility has a plan for the implementation of the visits, which try to adhere to the doctor. And another efficiency of the physician affects the medical records. In some institutions it is an electronic medical record that simplifies the life of a doctor (one who confidently owns a PC), others write the old fashioned way by hand, which takes time.

“Appreciate innovation, I not undertake, but in reality to divide patients and provide them with a clearly defined time — hard” — sums up Eugene Daevas.

Recall that in accordance with the draft order of the Ministry of health hematologists and infectious disease doctors on reception are allocated 20 minutes, oncologists — 23 minutes, pulmonologists and surgeons — for 26 minutes, TB in 35 minutes. If the taking of preventive, standards time are reduced.

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