The ECHR awarded the Nizhny Novgorod pensioner of 5 thousand euros in compensation for ill-treatment police

The European court of human rights awarded the Nizhny Novgorod pensioner Lily graminae compensation of 5 thousand euros for abuse of police officers. As reported by “the”, referring to the Committee against torture, we are talking about events that happened before the start of the rally on 24 March 2007. The woman had planned, we took part in “March of dissent”, but she was detained for five hours and put on a bus, and then in the basement of the police Department. Gremin did not manage to get to the Assembly. In the basement of a 70 year old pensioner could not drink, go to the toilet and there were no seats. Also detained were asked to climb to the fourth floor, where she was interrogated. When the woman fell ill, the paramedics arrived and took her to the hospital. She admitted that didn’t know what “March of dissent” is prohibited, and to him she in the end is not reached. “The bus and the police Department, I spent more than five hours. As a result I was taken from the basement of the police Department ambulance with hypertensive crisis,” — said the woman. Statements to the police did not bring to any result, and the criminal case was not filed. The ECHR, however, recognized the actions of the cruel, finding that the applicant was subjected to degrading treatment and illegal imprisonment in violation of articles 3 and 5 of the European Convention on human rights “Prohibition of torture” and “the Right to liberty and security of person”. Meanwhile, the head of the Department of international legal protection of the Committee against torture Olga Sadovskaya lamented the fact that all limitation periods of bringing to criminal responsibility of people, brutally applied with an older man, has expired, and to use this ruling to demand the resumption of the investigation, will not succeed.

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